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Video Work 

Philadelphia Phillies - Phanavision

Duties include working for the Phanavision team enhancing the fan media experience. Experienced at Camera operator, Yard Op (video board switcher), and Field engineer. 

Temple Sports ESPN+  Live stream links

Below are examples of Temple Games that I worked. I've served as Replay operator, camera operator, Time out Coordinator, for these events. Events include; Men's and Women's D1 Basketball games, Women's Volleyball D1, and Gymnastic D1 Invitationals

ESPN+ Game Feed

Temple vs Tulane Game MELT

Temple Athletics Tv show 

Below are links to each episode where I participated as a crew member on the Temple Athletics Tv Show. The roles I performed throughout the episodes include; Technical Director, Camera Operator, Audio Tech, Playback, and Floor Manager. 

CCP Focal Point Tv show 

Interview Demo (Lighting)

Interview Demo (no audio) 

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